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Half "you're welcome", half "I'm sorry".

But what better way to start a grossly overdue post with a terrible pun.

Regardless of which side you lean on there is really no good excuse for my delay, life (MBA) got the better of me and tea-blogging went into hibernation.

However, a lot has since happened:

  • I moved into a Co-op house of 12 people and converted my room to a tea drinking/living space, (I also started grad school)

  • Various people came over and drank tea, I saw the successes of the space and aspects that were not as hot

  • I got an internship with a startup based out of Manhattan that worked in the sensory space predominately for beverages doing pretty amazing things for the future of your drinking and tasting experience. I also got to drink tea with some intensely knowledgeable people who started the company

  • I had the opportunity to consult a new coffee shop on their tea offerings and recipes, meeting awesome new people in the beverage industry. I've leveled up in my coffee understanding as well

  • I got an internship with the major agribusiness ADM at their WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients division, working strictly on tea and tea drinking practices and potential implementation research. They sent me to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas where I had too much fun geeking out with a bunch of other tea people and learning a lot

  • I moved into a new space and converted the majority of the shared living space to a tea drinking/events hosting/living space, (I'm still in grad school).

Take a look at the space that I put together last year.

The new space is coming together very nicely and so hopefully you'll be here soon!​

"Untitled" Artist: Daniel Granitto
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