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There's a lot going on in all of our lives, too much usually. Productive hustle requires restorative breaks, preferably ones with individuals that will help you see the world from a different angle. 

Here's a collection of amazing people doing amazing things in the beverage space and beyond. I update regularly and draw a common space for topics across all "specialty" industries.

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Highlighting BOSSES in their respective industries - fighting for the marginalized community while excelling in their craft.

  • 1.

    “After Indigenous people on this land, Black people helped build the very foundation of this country, including our culture, including our culinary culture and Black women are very much a part of that”

    - Klancy Miller

    For the Culture magazine celebrates Black Women in Food. Finally. Jan 2021

  • 2.

    "My capacity is infinite, only my resources are limited"

    - Tanya Holland

    How High End Restaurants Have Failed Black Female Chefs, Jan 2021

  • 3.

    "I call myself a cheese activist"

    - Clara Diez 

    Formaje's Clara Diez Wants You to Care About the Future of Cheese, Jan 2021

  • 4.

    “I feel like education was really central to what was going on [at the time] and what I wanted to do”

    - Kristina Glinoga 

    Kristina Glinoga is reimagining butchery, leaving white male toxicity behind, Dec 2020

  • 5.

    “I used to joke that there were like five of us across the country, but there are hundreds of BIPOC wine professionals, and now we all know who the other is within these sessions.”

    - Jirka Jireh

    How One Woman is Diversifying the Wine Industry, One Zoom at a Time, Nov 2020

  • 6.

    ““For me, as someone who brews beers that are a little outside the box, it was about showing that I’m not brewing them this way for lack of knowing, I’m brewing mixed-fermentation beers very intentionally.”

    - Averie Swanson

    Bringing Craft Beer Back Down to Earth, Nov 2020

What we talk about when we talk about beverages 

I tell people that I'm a beverages fan, I'm sure you are one too! Here's some other beverage lovers that are better able with word express their fondness.

  • TEA

    "What I'm struck by was the kindness of the tea making act"

    When you don't know what to do, make tea, Dec 2018 


    "Typically half-way through making my pour over, my tiny girl, Willow, will bring her stool over and watch me pour in awe."

    Coffee as Ritual, Feb 2019

  • WINE

    "Wine was forbidden, many things were forbidden, so wine became identity."

    Our Blood is Wine, March 2018

Our Collective Hill

The Specialty industries face many of the same challenges. Major themes are rising to the surface as I dig through the different articles from different categories. This is meant to be a resource for big picture thinking and conversations; we are afterall more impactful together than apart. 

"Life is not always a matter of making the best of things, sometimes we must demand change in its entirety."



    Jim Haynes: A man who invited the world over for dinner, Jan 2021



    Alkali Rye

    Oakland's Beverage Shop



    The Rise (and Stall) of the Boba Generation, Nov 2019



    The Evolution of Premium Canned Wine, May 2020



    It's Time to Decolonize Wine, June 2020


    The War on Coffee, Apr 2020

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